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Gustave Dore

I want to share some of the artists of the 1800's that have left quite a legacy.
Gustave Dore' is definitely One of them.
If you would like to learn more visit

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Voice, er Artist of an Age, John Tenniel

If you've seen the pen and ink drawings of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland you have laid your eyes on the wonderous works of John Tenniel. He also did illustrations for Punch, a political satire paper. This site alice in has a great page about John.
His work has inspired me since my youth. Here are some of his works from Alice:

 This is a portrait of John Tenniel,

Editorial meeting for Punch , I can't tell which ones John, they all look the same LOL!!!

Just kidding, it looks like hes the one at the far end of the table with the portrait sticking straight out of his head :)

Here is a site for Punch


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I am currently working on this so if you are on the site and it keeps blinking out that is whats going on.

So I can't use my custom domain for now! I have to revert the blog back to the until I figure out what is going on.

Thanks for your patience.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Excellent Period TV shows

Great shows to watch if you love this era:

Murdoch Mysteries (called Artful Detective in the US)

Historical figures makes cameos, like Arthur Conan Doyal, Tesla, and the like. I love this show, it is mostly light hearted, but does have drama.

Hell on Wheels

A much darker show about the making of the railroad. It will rip your heart out half the time but I really enjoy the gritty nature of this series.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Brown Raven Apron, plain black apron

More Victorian Nonsense Designs.... love that Raven ;)

Seed Bead Bag finished, Victorian Era Reproduction

I improvised this pattern as I went. It's nearly done, just need to add wide satin ribbon for handle. I was thinking lacing it back and forth on that top row of netting would look nice.

This was done with cheap rocaille seed beed from Michaels, ergo all kinds of variety in shapes and sizes! LOL  But that lends to the characteristic of being handcrafted in the design that I am fond of, the irregularity. I prefer to have a more organic feel to my pieces than a perfect machine made look that modern designs have.

This tiny bag took many weeks to complete.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


If you don't know about the Aesthetic Movement during the 1800's then you won't understand why ancient and medieval designs are on my site.... you're missing out!  I have a few older posts about it if you care to read on here, here, here, and here 

So I've been trying to recreate jewelry designs that are inspired from ancient times, here are a few

This piece is several different sizes of fresh water pearls with gold.

I saw this necklace at this site and was inspired to make this pair

This one is lapis lazuli/malachite beads with gold.

This is garnet and gold netted collar.
Here is another design with garnets.

Detail of accent beads cut in free form.
A simple yet elegant design I made for a friend recently, gold with garnets.

Also working on a hooded robe, I used a simple medieval pattern. I found a great version of this pattern here this site has a lot of nice pieces.

The border along the hem
The back where the hood is visible
The pattern is allegedly authentic except for the hood. I plan to add more celtic border to the edge of the hood.

Here you can see the armpit gussets typical of a medieval garment pattern as far as I've discovered...

Monogrammed Skirt

Made this for a friend a while back and didn't get around to taking a picture till now. She wanted the pocket detail to be a little haphazard and patch like with an elegant initial embroidered on it. I used a simple a line skirt and added a ruffle to the bottom.

Raven Apron

Custom design made recently for someone. Machine embroidered raven sitting in a frame, with roses on netting pocket trim and pleated trim for edges.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Victorian Era backgound image

Here is another woodcut I found {I have no idea who did this, it's so beautiful} that I altered a bit so it may be used as a background image.

Just right click and select 'save image as'.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rest In Peace

For a short time this tiny light burned so very bright.
You will be missed most painfully,
We love you and will never forget
You filled a childless home with laughter
and a loving creatures bliss.

One of my closest companions has shed this mortal coil,
She is released this day May 25, 2012 from her fight with lung cancer
by that stinging needle filled with mercy and sweetest dreams.

She appears in my beading video here, this is why I mention her passing.