Friday, December 17, 2010

Rebels of the Victorian Age.... The Pre-Raphaelites

Many do not know of the Pre-Raphaelites... a passionate artistic movement during the middle Victorian Era whose paintings still resonate with us today.

A characteristic of Pre-Raphaelites style with which they painted was to portray women & men in un-corseted bodies with free flowing hair and loosely draped robes and dresses that are reminiscent of the Greco-Roman era and medieval times.  Portraying religious, historical, or common everyday moments in a romantic idealized manner.

Here is a slide show of this movements most notable paintings
I've included paintings by Elizabeth Siddal in the slideshow, her artwork was not as publicized as the men of this era.

photo of Elizabeth Siddal [model for Ophelia]

Regina Cordium
Rest In Peace Elizabeth, 
you will remain in our hearts forever.

a poem by Elizabeth Siddall
To touch the glove upon her tender hand,
To watch the jewel sparkle in her ring,
Lifted my heart into a sudden song
As when the wild birds sing.
To touch her shadow on the sunny grass,
To break her pathway through the darkened wood,
Filled all my life with trembling and tears
And silence where I stood.
I watch the shadows gather round my heart,
I live to know that she is gone –
Gone gone for ever, like the tender dove
That left the Ark alone

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