Saturday, March 26, 2011

Extra long necklace design inspired by Victorian Mourning Jewelry

While some may not see this design as properly Victorian, if you study photos of Victorian Aesthetic fashion there are a few examples of incredibly long necklaces worn at the time. See this link

Beaded collar, easy beginners pattern

Just finished this easy to do beaded collar.

My tutorial is closed caption for the hearing impaired.

Visit this link to watch my tutorial on Youtube

Saturday, March 19, 2011

TC Beads! & Seed bead bracelet and choker

 Have been pouring over TC Beads tutorials. She has really great ones. You can actually see what she is doing with these tiny little beads, unlike 60% of the rest of the tutes on you-tube, I find. ;)
This is the link to her channel: tsummerlee

I watched this video by TC Beads to make this bracelet:
This bracelet is two strips of chevron , without the fringe [is it still considered Chevron without fringe? reading..... yes, yes it is. ], connected together on the side with two beads on the arc rather than three on the arc.

Now working on a necklace for the bracelet, but I made a small alteration to the chevron by using three beads on both arcs so that is does not have a curvature on one side.

Here's my messy tutorial for this stitch ;) Click to enlarge:

This is the finished choker I made for the bracelet:

You can see how I attached the two strips of chevron stitches by adding one green bead between each of the middle beads on the arcs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Victorian Era Handbags crochet thread and glass beads

I did not use a pattern I free-styled this handbag. It is very simple after learning a few key crochet stitches to make this.

I used crochet thread and the larger size glass seed beads that are commonly available at any Michael's or Walmart.

 click image then click once again for magnification

I used a peyote stitch for the strap clasp which is simply a small tube that you slide up the straps to keep the bag closed.

here you may see the detail I applied to the wrist straps... two rows of clustered beads as an accent

and the completed bag as seen here. Just big enough for a night out Ladies!!! "n_n"

Victorian Era Handbags

I was inspired by these Victorian Era handbags :

To create these beaded handbags, watch my new tutorial to learn how: