Thursday, November 15, 2012


If you don't know about the Aesthetic Movement during the 1800's then you won't understand why ancient and medieval designs are on my site.... you're missing out!  I have a few older posts about it if you care to read on here, here, here, and here 

So I've been trying to recreate jewelry designs that are inspired from ancient times, here are a few

This piece is several different sizes of fresh water pearls with gold.

I saw this necklace at this site and was inspired to make this pair

This one is lapis lazuli/malachite beads with gold.

This is garnet and gold netted collar.
Here is another design with garnets.

Detail of accent beads cut in free form.
A simple yet elegant design I made for a friend recently, gold with garnets.

Also working on a hooded robe, I used a simple medieval pattern. I found a great version of this pattern here this site has a lot of nice pieces.

The border along the hem
The back where the hood is visible
The pattern is allegedly authentic except for the hood. I plan to add more celtic border to the edge of the hood.

Here you can see the armpit gussets typical of a medieval garment pattern as far as I've discovered...


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