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Gustave Dore

I want to share some of the artists of the 1800's that have left quite a legacy.
Gustave Dore' is definitely One of them.
If you would like to learn more visit

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Voice, er Artist of an Age, John Tenniel

If you've seen the pen and ink drawings of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland you have laid your eyes on the wonderous works of John Tenniel. He also did illustrations for Punch, a political satire paper. This site alice in has a great page about John.
His work has inspired me since my youth. Here are some of his works from Alice:

 This is a portrait of John Tenniel,

Editorial meeting for Punch , I can't tell which ones John, they all look the same LOL!!!

Just kidding, it looks like hes the one at the far end of the table with the portrait sticking straight out of his head :)

Here is a site for Punch


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Friday, January 9, 2015

Excellent Period TV shows

Great shows to watch if you love this era:

Murdoch Mysteries (called Artful Detective in the US)

Historical figures makes cameos, like Arthur Conan Doyal, Tesla, and the like. I love this show, it is mostly light hearted, but does have drama.

Hell on Wheels

A much darker show about the making of the railroad. It will rip your heart out half the time but I really enjoy the gritty nature of this series.